Saddlefish VR was our attempt to be one of the very first, the pioneers, of multiplayer gaming in Virtual Reality (VR).

Developed over 3 months with a team of 1 artist/designer, 1 engineer, and 1 storywriter. We showcased the game to the public for the very first time at a big SVVR (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality) event in 2014. The crowd enjoyed the game to say the least, being in VR, in the same world as another user, was exciting. We published it to then Oculus Share where it got a couple thousand installs and a 4-star rating.

In Saddlefish VR, you ride your Saddlefish glider and soar around the skies tossing spears at your opponent’s Saddlefish.
Last-man-standing-style between 2 Oculus Rift-enabled players.

Oculus Rift DK2 experience (with head tracking!!)

Samuel Hum – Game Design, Art, Animation, Producer
Ahn Nguyen – Engineer
Jacob Rengal – Storywriter, concept art