Innovox VR was our entry for the 2015 Mobile VR Game Jam organized by the folks at Oculus and Samsung Gear.

It’s an interactive experience for the Samsung GearVR headset, one that immerses you in an audio-visual sensory melodic journey. Users tap on glowing stars that appear as music intensifies, layering on or off different melodies to create their very own unique experience. The visuals and audio were designed specifically to go hand-in-hand with one another, to invoke emotions and ultimately, immerse the user in VR.

We worked under an extremely tight schedule as part of a Game Jam which ran for about 2 months. I led the team, designed, storyboarded, wire-framed, and went through the iteration process. Modeled, textured, animated and lit everything being the primary artist and creative on the team. Audio direction was a collaborative effort to get just the right emotions in the length we wanted for the experience.

Samuel Hum – Art, Animation, Design, Producer
Elizabeth Zharoff – Musician, Composer
Keith Kaisershot – Engineer