Hi! I’m Sam. Power Creative. Game Designer, Game Artist, Game Producer. I’m absolutely passionate about anything Games – as a developer, player, or spectator.

Driven, self-motivated, and hard-working. Work hard, play harder. I’m ambitious, and a forward-thinker. I enjoy being hands-on in the finer details of a project, and also leading the charge looking at everything, the bigger picture. Oh, and I’m a really fast learner too. Teamwork is key for all my ventures, collaboration towards the common goal is vital to any great project.

I studied Game Art at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, California. I’ve been pursuing Game Development as a career since graduating in 2011. I’ve been involved in all sorts of roles in a given game-making pipeline; I’ve worked at a giant MMO Game Publishing house, tried the Indie-make-it-or-break-it-route, and even finding myself as a design specialist at Google. I’ve picked up highly valuable skills from across my industry. It’s now time to focus and find my break to establish myself as a Game Designer (development) or Producer (publishing).

When I’m not in front of my PC, you’ll likely find me outside, kite flying, or tinkering with RC airplanes and cars.

Here are a few games (of many) I’ve been so fortunate to create!