Unity 3D Engine, Source Engine, Maya, Zbrush, 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash,
Premier Pro, JIRA, HTML/CSS, Microsoft Office
Game Director, Game Producer, Creative Director
Mobile App Specialist, Vaco @ Google, August 2016 - Present
- Providing App and Game Design consultations for Google Play working on-site at Google
HQ and alongside the Google Play team
- Consultation reviews and analyze mobile games and apps for UX quality criteria and meeting
benchmarks to ensure world-class quality mobile experiences are delivered on the Android
mobile app Play Store. These are selective high-level, deep app and game analysis based on
performance data, design-centric and benchmarks set from previous high achieving products.
Working directly with game and app developers, from Indies to high-end AAA studios,
providing solutions to developers to achieve app quality improvements like user engagement
levels, user retention, app health, pre-launch and post-launch metrics, improved development
road maps.
- Google Daydream VR Games and app consultations, offering design and UX solutions for
VR related problems, and achieving improved KPIs. From mobile optimization, to best VR
practices ensuring the highest level of experience, guiding developers to create Google Play
feature-worthy, world-class mobile VR games and apps.
- Selected Early Access Program board member, based on my inherent ability to identify
potentially high performing games and apps, as well as case studies and performance data.
This special program enables me to follow through to work closely with these new developer
partners, to guide and assist them to achieving successful beta tests, and game launches
through best practices, and improvements on game design and app quality.
Game Director and Artist, Drop Pod Games, Feb 2014 – April 2016
Designed, developed, produced, and published a multitude of games across different platforms in
the Unity 3D engine:
- “ Magniibots ”, a fast-paced, arena-style, couch party game for consoles and desktop
- “ SuperBamBam ”, a twitch-based highscore challenge mobile game for iOS and Android
- “ InnovoxVR ”, an interactive Virtual Reality audio and visual experience for the Samsung
GearVR headset
- “ Frwee ”, a music-driven game for the Flightdeck 3D Tablet (Awarded “Winter 2015 Freevi
Top 10 Award”)
- “ RoShamBoroo ”, a tug-of-war mobile game for Android (Awarded “2014 Dolby Challenge
Silver Award”)
- “ Saplings ”, a mobile game for Android
- “ SaddleFish ”, a multiplayer Virtual Reality experience for the Oculus Rift headset
- “ Soul of the Shu ”, a Virtual Reality experience for the Oculus Rift headset
In addition, I also provide consultation services to external clients for game development.
Clients present an idea and I assist with fine tuning their objectives through game design,
establishing KPIs and milestones, and then lead them through the development process,
creating development road maps, taking them from idea to through product launch.
- Hands-on lead artist on all game projects (3D/2D), defining the visual style and feel of every
Project Coordinator, Gala-Net, Dec 2011 – Jan 2013
- Liaison between publishing team in the USA and development team in Korea
- Analyzed game metrics, CCU, MAU, measuring KPIs, to manage and create weekly and
monthly sales strategies to achieve revenue goals through IAP structuring and design.
- Scheduled, designed, and managed monthly game events, monetization options, social media
campaigns, marketing strategies, and QA testing
- Community Management and support through forums, events, and social media
Lead QA/Game Master, Gala-Net, Apr 2011 – Dec 2011
- Spearheaded, designed, and launched 2 major game-enhancing features for the online PC
MMO game ‘Flyff ‘ (Achievement system and Guild Siege system)
- Directed, storyboarded, filmed in-game footage for game expansion launch trailer video
- Provided QA testing and customer support for the online PC MMO game ‘Flyff’
- Executed live game events and managed in-game and forum community
- Modified and enhanced game localization (quest, item, story, and skill text)
- Created and designed art assets for game newsletters, banners, posters, and marketing ad
Game Environment Artist, Cognito Comics, 2010
- Design, modeled, and textured various 3D game assets for RTS game “Uprising” built in the
Unity 3D Game Engine
Creative Lead, “The Story of the Sea”, 2009-2010
- Directed and animated an art book with Adobe Flash for an art show
Community Manager and Server Administrator,, 2005-2006
- managed 3 game servers for large online gaming community
- created and executed weekly community in-game events
- organized and hosted game tournaments
- created tournament banner ads, leaderboards, tournament brackets and other art assets
Lead Level Designer, “Soccer Mod” team, 2002-2004
- Designed and built mod-specific game levels
Awards &
- Dolby Challenge 2014 Silver Award, “RoShamBoRoo” Mobile Game
- Achievement in Game and Audio Design
Freevi WWDC Winter 2015 Top 10 Award, “Frwee” Mobile Game
- Achievement in Game Direction Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals
- Programming basics course Foundations of Programming: Object-Oriented Design
- Programming concepts and best practices
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation & Visual Effects
Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA
VR/AR, RC Planes & Cars, E-Sports, Game Development, Business of Games, Game
performance data, Graphic Design, Sound Design, Gaming, Entrepreneurship, Soccer, Go-Karting,
Indoor rock climbing, Paintball, Kiting